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The North Columbus Jaycees has teamed up with CampusParc for the 10th year in a row to offer our members and guest this amazing opportunity as well as a great way to give back to the community. Everyone that comes and volunteers with us will not only receive a FREE ticket into that day’s game but will also be contributing towards fundraising for the chapter.

What do we do?

The job at hand is directing traffic and selling parking passes before the game. This typically leaves us with a great deal of tailgating time. You will get to pregame with us - we bring the tailgate for our volunteers including food and drinks to keep you going all day!  If volunteering, you must sign up no later than the Monday evening prior to each home football game. 

When do we meet?

We meet at 4:45 am for all home games.

For late games with a second shift, the second shift will meet at Noon. Shifts will then switch around noon and first shift will be free to leave or continue to tailgate with the Jaycees until the game starts. These split-shift games will be noted on our game schedule.

Where do we go?

We sign in at the Ohio 4H Building on OSU Campus. Parking is available across the street from the Ohio 4H building on Fred Taylor Drive. Our group organizers will be there to assist you, but if you cannot find us once you've arrived let the CampusParc staff know that you are with the Jaycees and they will direct you to the right place.

2201 Fred Taylor Dr
Columbus, OH 43221

What do we wear?

Dress comfortably and for the weather. The football season tends to range from hot and sunny to freezing and snowing. Check the forecast for the game!

  • White, black, scarlet or gray polo shirts only - shirt must have a collar

  • Black or khaki pants - no jeans or you will be sent home to change

  • Shorts are acceptable as long as they are black or khaki and not denim

  • CampusParc or OSU hats - worn forward only

  • Dress shoes or tennis shoes

  • No denim pants, sweatpants, athletic shorts, yoga pants, etc.

  • No open-toed shoes

  • No hats with tags or stickers still attached

  • No denim

What do we need to bring?

In addition to the proper clothing listed above, you must bring a valid state-issued photo ID.

Do I have to pay to park?

Any person working with our group will receive free parking for their personal vehicle.

Can anyone volunteer?

Anyone age of 16 or older with a valid state issued ID is eligible to work with us. All you have to do is be reliable and cordial with the public.  All volunteers will be vetted with a background check. 

How do I get into the game?

Volunteers with our group sign in before parking
begins and their name is put on a list for entry to
the game. You must bring a valid state-issued
photo ID, you must sign in with our group, and
you must work the shift to be eligible for game entry.

Where are our seats?

Right about here, sections 1B and 2B under the roof!
Yes, this is an actual photo from our typical seats at
the OSU game.

Do we make it in time for kickoff?

We work our lot until it is full, or until kickoff: whichever comes first. Our longevity and reliability with CampusParc gives us the privilege of having some of the most coveted parking lots to work for game day. We typically fill the lot before the game starts and get to see kickoff, but we cannot guarantee you make it to the stadium every game in time for kickoff.

Even the *ichigan game?

Due to the popularity of whooping that team up north, the privilege of getting free tickets to the Michigan game (when it is an OSU home game) is reserved first for those who have worked the most games this year leading up to the "Big One."  

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